Depth of Knowledge in the Content Areas


Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) model looks at the cognitive expectations within academic standards, curricular activities, and instructional learning tasks. I’ve created a Depth of Knowledge chart that corresponds to each of the core content areas. You’re welcome to view each chart in this post, or feel free to download the PDF of all four charts at the bottom.

Click on the images below to view the Depth of Knowledge charts for each of the core content areas:

Updated DOK Junkins.001


Download DOK in the Content Areas as a PDF





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6 responses to “Depth of Knowledge in the Content Areas

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  2. Melissa

    This is really cool and well-designed – thanks for sharing.

  3. PhuongChi Nguyen

    Thanks for this, Sean. It will be interesting when we overlay language needs by either ELLs or World Language learners.

  4. Kara Noah

    I love these!!! Can I feature you in my back to school issue for Tech on the Throne? I want to use QR codes that will take my teachers to these DOK boards. I have your name and twitter handle credited on each image. Our district required all staff attend DOK training. We want to continue to support our teachers with resources so its not a one and done type training.

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