Twitter Summaries

Twitter Summaries

Twitter Summaries are a great way for students to paraphrase and summarize content. If they are reading a piece of text, they can summarize each paragraph in a tweet (and even create their own related hashtag). Or even if the teacher is going through a presentation with the entire class, students can be given time during the presentation to turn each slide of content into a tweet. However you choose to use them in your classroom, Twitter Summaries will bring a modern spin to the process of summarization and note taking.

This post includes a few pre-created samples and a blank Twitter Summary template.

Here are a few pre-created samples that could be used to teach World War II political ideologies:

Twitter Style Summaries.003 Twitter Style Summaries.004 Twitter Style Summaries.005 Twitter Style Summaries.006

Blank Twitter Summary Template

Twitter Summary Template (with instructions)

Please share any uses of Twitter Summaries in the comments below. I’d love to see what your students are creating!

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