Combining Spreadsheets with Google Sheets


Have you ever had two spreadsheets you needed to combine into one? Of course you have. We all have at some point. In this video, you’ll learn how to combine two spreadsheets of information into one using Google Sheets. Let’s get started!



In my Google Drive, I have two spreadsheets. One called “First 9 Weeks Test Scores” and another called “Second 9 Weeks Test Scores”. Let’s open up both sheets. The first thing I need to do is bring both spreadsheets together. So I’m going to add a second sheet, or tab, to my first spreadsheet. And we’ll call this tabbed sheet, “Second 9 Weeks”. Then I’ll open my second spreadsheet and copy its information into that newly created tab. Now all the information I want to merge is living in the same sheet. So let’s go ahead and close that other spreadsheet.

Before we can merge our data, we need to go to the Add-Ons tab. Select get add-ons and install the Merge Sheets add-on. Now anytime we go to the add-ons tab, the Merge Sheets add on will be there.

We’ll click START. Then we’ll tell it which sheet is our main sheet. That’s where we want all the data to live once its been merged together. For me, I want all the data to live on my “First 9 Weeks” sheet. Make sure you’ve selected all the cells in your sheet that include data. And you can decide if you want it to make a back up of your what your sheet looked like before the merge, just in case.

I’m happy with how it’s set up, so I’m going to click NEXT.

Here’s where things can get tricky. I have to tell it which sheet is my Lookup sheet. Meaning which sheet has information that I would like it to merge into my main sheet. For me, I want to merge my Second 9 weeks sheet into my first 9 weeks sheet. Again, I have to be sure that I select all the cells that have data in them, clicking auto-select can usually help with that. Then click NEXT.

Now comes the most important part of merging sheets. I have to tell it which column has matching information. For me, the column labeled Student has the same names on both sheets, so I want it to use that column when it matches up all the other information. So I’ll select that column and click NEXT.

Now it wants to know what columns in my second sheet need to be merged. I want all the information to be merged, so I’m going to select Test 4, Test 5, and Test 6. And I have to choose an action for each. I want it to add all these columns to the end of the first sheet’s data. So I will select that option for each, and click NEXT.

Now I’m finished. So I’ll click FINISH and let the merge sheets add-on do its thing.

And there it is. All the information that was previously found on two separated sheets has conveniently been merged into one.


Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 2.40.29 PM

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