Uploading Files with Google Forms


We all know how great Google forms are to collect information. But, Google has now made it possible to collect files using Google forms as well. This feature is only available to schools using G Suite (what used to be called Google Apps for Education). But it’s a great way to collect student work and have it organized neatly and efficiently. Let’s look at how to collect student work using Google Forms.

First, we’ll go to Google and access our drive. Then, we will open Google Forms. We’ll give our Form a name. And then click on the first question. As long as your school or district is using G Suite, what was formerly Google Apps for Education, you’ll see the File Upload option listed in the drop-down menu.

When selecting the File Upload option, it will give you a reminder that any uploaded files will be saved in your Google Drive. Click continue to acknowledge this and move on.

Add a name (or instructions) to your file upload. You’ll also need to determine how many files they can upload and the maximum size those files can be. There’s also a blue text link below this where you can determine the kind of files your students can upload. It defaults to all, but you may want to make changes based upon your specific assignment. For example, if you’re only expecting documents to be upload, you may want to unselect the other options.

I personally like to mark my questions as required to ensure students don’t submit the form without uploading their file.

Once you’ve finished setting up your form, scroll up and select the Preview button to see what your form will look like to your students. As you can see, students will be able to click the Add File link to either upload a file from their drive or add a file that is saved on their device or computer.

So where can you view the work they have submitted?

Well, you’ll need to go to your Google Drive. You’ll find a new folder has been created that has the same name as the form you created. Remember, we named our Form Class Project, so here’s the folder with the same name. In this folder we can find the individual files submitted by students using the File Upload option on your Google Form.


Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 2.40.29 PM

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